Sunday, 24 June 2007

The big in-law dinner: Whole Baked Pumpkin

All of GKGK's family came over for dinner last night - complete with kids, which BallBoy just LOVES! He goes absolutely crazy running around with his cousins. I asked all my sisters-inlaw to bring something along so that I didn't have to cook so much.

Blondie brought a garden salad - nothing different there, but a big meal like this doesn't seem complete without one. Fire brought her special pasta salad, which I have requested from her many times. It's even good the next day, heated up! (which is the only way GKGK will eat it - that way, it is pasta, rather than salad!) I have made a special request for the recipe - we'll see if it comes!
Peace brought a whole baked stuffed pumpkin, which is something new for me. She has cooked it quite a few times now, and it's just fabulous. It's not something I would normally cook. She got the recipe from delicious magazine - which i subscribe to - so I would have seen the recipe, but I probably just turned the page and thought it wasn't for me!! I guess this is a lesson to be more open-minded! You can get the recipe online at delicious magazine have very kindly listed all their recipes on this website, along with all the recipes from magazines from the same publisher. It makes it very handy when you remember a recipe you read, but you can't remember which month you saw it.
And what did I do for the dinner? Well that can be the subject of another post!

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