Monday, 23 July 2007

BallBoy's 3rd Birthday Party: The Train Cake!

The train cake!!!! Woohooo!!! I have always wanted to make the train cake, and seeing that BallBoy loves Thomas the Tank Engine so much, this was the perfect birthday for it! He loved watching me make it - he kept asking if he could eat it! It didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped. I used chocolate cake, and the brown crumbs ended up all through the icing. I followed the recipe (fairly) closely, and there was not enough icing. It could have been better if I had made more icing, but I was too lazy. Also, I would have had trouble getting the colours the same and I absolutely hate colouring icing because I am so clumsy and end up with little drops of colour all over the kitchen. (The drops then tend to reappear for the next week or so - once they were on the bottom of GKGK's sock and he walked colour all around the kitchen!)

The only thing that matters though, is that BallBoy absolutely loved the cake. He said it was his favourite part of the day! We let him loose once we had sung Happy Birthday. He picked off all the smarties, the other lollies and the mint slices. He kept coming back all afternoon trying to sneak more bits off it (ably assisted by his aunties!)

This was the menu:
Chocolate Birthday Cake
Lemonade scones (see previous post)
Chicken drumettes (from the butcher down the road)
Mini pizzas (made them myself on slices of baguette - too easy, too tasty and they freeze well, which is something I am always looking for - because I like to make things ahead of time)
Mars Bar Slice
Caramel popcorn (the recipe is on the back of the popcorn packet - not microwave popcorn - just the basic kernels - you wouldn't believe how ridiculously addictive this is, even if you don't really like popcorn!)
And lollies and chips of course!!!

And we had a lolly hunt for the kiddies - they went psycho!

All in all, a great day - BallBoy had the best birthday he's ever had!


KD said...

I'm going to model your cake, although I had one question... What did you do with the chicken drumettes? It's my son's 1st birthday & he absolutely loves trains! (Or at least we think he does.)

Mrs Potato Head said...

I'm not quite sure what you mean. What chicken drumettes?

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