Saturday, 18 August 2007

Sick Sick Sick: Catch up baking

Sick sick sick. That has been my house for the last few weeks. It has been an absolute joy. Boof* goes to daycare 2 days a week and GKGK likes to blame every illness that ever besets us on this fact. He even went as far as suggesting that it wasn't worth sending him because we all just get sick. But in reality, I probably bring all the diseases home from all those dirty trolleys I push around when I do all that shopping for food, cookbooks and kitchen equipment. And if GKGK wants to stay at home and look after Boof on my two "days off" (never mind the other child hanging around at home) then he is more than welcome to do so. We'll just look forward to a whole new batch of sicknesses when Boof goes to school. (Apparently the first two years your oldest child goes to school or preschool are when you will get the most sicknesses. So we're not even half way. Great.)

Anyway, enough of the whining - on with the food. It's very hard to cook when you're either in bed or you have a cannula in your wrist, so not much happened for a few weeks. But once I could go two minutes without coughing up a lung, I felt the dire need to bake. So bake I did. Only none of the baking was really all that great. Quite disappointing really, when you aren't allowed to do something for weeks, and then when you are, it doesn't quite meet expectations. Anyway, I made coconut macaroons, and caramel macadamia slice. The texture of the macaroons was pretty good, but they weren't anywhere near sweet enough (I was aiming for sickly sweet!) and they weren't moist enough. But they were pleasantly crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. I got the recipe here. If you don't want sickly sweet, this might be the perfect recipe for you!

The caramel macadamia slice is kind of like every other caramel slice except the base is a cheat's base made with morning coffee biscuits, and of course it has macadamias in it. I obviously wasn't quite switched on when I made the decision to make this, because I only realised halfway through that this was just a glorified caramel slice, and I don't even like caramel slice. Work that one out. Maybe all the antibiotics stole what was left of my brain. At least this turned out sickly sweet and rich. The dark chocolate on top overpowers the rest of the flavours, but the whole thing hits the spot in terms of a choco/sugar hit. I got the recipe on the masterfoods website. There's actually quite a few good things on this site. The ginger honey and choc chip cookies are beautiful. I could eat them everyday!

Hopefully the sicknesses are gone and we can get back to some nice regular posts soon!

*Due to some anatomical irregularities, BallBoy will now be known as Boof. This is due to his large mass of boofy hair that we can do absolutely nothing with unless we shave it. Which we will not do. He has his parents to blame for his dodgy hair genes. I am sure he will remind us of this regularly when he is a teenager.

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