Thursday, 6 September 2007

Very Good News and Very Bad News!

The bakery at the shops down the road is currently being refurbished. They have said it will take one week. That seems very quick to me, but go ahead, please, take one week, because I want my fresh rolls back!

Anyway, while I was down there today visiting the butcher, I happened to walk past the bakery. I noticed a man standing out the front wearing a t-shirt bearing the name of my absolute favourite bakery/cake shop - David's Cakes - which is about 20 minutes drive away. He looked like he was somehow involved in the refurbishment, and exciting little thoughts started dancing around in my head. What if? Could it possibly be? Maybe...just maybe...they were going to open a branch here right under my very nose! I walked past, then I stopped, and had another look. Should I ask? Surely they wouldn't mind if an interested customer asked a quick question. Being the nosy and impatient person that I am, I decided the question was essential. I held my breath, and asked. Could it possibly be?

No, was the answer. Disappointment swelled. I acknowledged his shirt, hence the reason for my question. Well actually, he said, he is indeed taking over this bakery, and as it so happens, he is wearing that particular shirt because he worked at David's Cakes for 14 years and he expects his bakery, right here on my very street, will be about the same!!!

I swooned, I yelped, I almost died! My favourite nienish tarts, now 500m from my front door.

Which is where the very bad news comes in. Do you realise how much weight I am going to put on?!?!?!

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