Saturday, 8 September 2007

Warm Chicken Salad

I seem to be having some weird lunch salad thing happening. My body has been telling me to eat salad quite a few times in the last week or so - it's all the extra poundage from Turtles Crossing I think! Anyway, I have been doing as instructed, and I have made one salad 3 different times, 3 different ways! It's a great way to create something new. I just stood in front of the fridge, picked some random stuff and threw it all together. It actually worked out really well, and, dare I say it, healthy. Eeewwww!

There's no real recipe. I generally peel, chop and construct til it looks like there's enough in the plate. But I can give you a list of the ingredients.

The first one came about because GKGK and Boof wanted satay chicken for lunch. So we marinated some chicken tenderloins in satay sauce (from a bottle, nothing creative there) and threw them on the BBQ. I also couldn't go past some BBQ'ed onions, so they went on too. The salad bit contained: watercress, carrot, snow peas, tomatoes, pineapple, corn and avocado. I was way too lazy that day to make a dressing, so I just used one out of a bottle - olive oil, balsamic and lemon juice or something like that. (It's actually very good, so I have used that for all the salads.) The chicken and the onion ended up on top of the salad, with some parmesan shaved over the top, and it was tasty tasty tasty! Easy, healthy, and tasty!

The second one came about when Peace and her family came around for lunch. Because I was making a salad for everyone, and we were barbecuing other meat, I left out the chicken, as well as the onions and parmesan. I may have also left out the carrot - I can't remember. I jazzed it up with some very finely sliced eschallot, (As Jamie says, no-one in their right mind likes big chunks of raw onion in their salad) then dressed it with the same dressing. Peace absolutely loved it and demanded the recipe.

The third one came about today. I ate a lot of junk on the weekend, so I had to have another salad. (hmmmmm.... seems to be a theme there somewhere!) Same basic idea, slightly different to keep things interesting! I didn't have any chicken today, so I thought I could have some protein in the form of bacon and eggs! I had previously bought some organic free range eggs from the butcher to bake with, without looking in the pack, and as it turns out, each egg is a totally different size, so I don't think they would give me the best results for baking. So they have to be eaten in things like this! The base salad bits today were: tomato, corn, pineapple, snow peas, carrot, paremsan and cucumber (a new addition). I left out watercress and avocado - for no good reason other than I was sick of chopping by then. Today's new bits were some diced bacon, fried til it was crispy, and a poached egg. Unfortunately, Boof had a toilet incident while the egg was poaching, so it was way overcooked and I couldn't be bothered cooking another one. The dressing was the same.
Today's wasn't quite as good. Maybe I'm just over these particular ingredients. Maybe it would have been better if the egg was cooked right. I think maybe it was the onions. The barbecued onions added so much fantastic flavour to the first one. I think I would try to include them again in the future.
Anyway, it was all a good lesson. In order to be creative and find something new, just stand in front of the fridge and see what you can see!
PS: for those who read my previous post about the new cake shop down the road, I am hoping the shop is finished and I can go there this afternoon and get my very first nienish tart. I have everything crossed hoping they are just as good as Davids!

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