Thursday, 11 October 2007

Super Snack: Scrambled Eggs with Salsa

One of the benefits of getting older is that your taste buds die off. (It must be true if a website with this name says so.. ) Some of you may not necessarily see this as a benefit but just think - this allows you to eat all those strongly flavoured foods you thought were yuck when you were a kid! Think of avocado and mushrooms. Before….ewwwww! But now…..wooohooo!

Avocado is something I have only just started to enjoy. This is because all those sleepless nights are drastically ageing me and killing off my taste buds at a far more rapid rate, thus allowing me to eat this slimy green mush. This is not really the greatest theory, because PorkChop eats avocado, but it will do.

Anyway, I think avocado is healthy – good fats and all that – so it fits into my new health regime. This very stringent new regime involves me abstaining from any junk food until after 9 o’clock. (in the morning, of course). Today I managed to get all the way to 9:15am before cracking the marshmallows. I foolishly left them beside the computer from my post-dinner sugar hit last night, so they were still there this morning, softly calling my name. But I digress. Back to avocado.

One of my current favourite snacks is scrambled eggs with salsa. It’s one of those things you can have at 3pm to tide you over until dinner. The eggs give you that protein-filling-you-up-ness and the salsa cuts the richness of the eggs with a good burst of sharp flavour. It also adds to your vegetable score for the day! It’s also very tasty! It would be good for breakfast or even lunch with some toast or bread (followed by a croissant to wash it all down).

Two little tips for new players…
Maybe everyone else knows this, but because I am new to avocado, I only recently found out that it is the stone that keeps the avocado from going brown. So when you cut open your avocado, leave the stone in the half you are not going to use, cover with glad wrap and keep in the fridge. I always thought you had to put lemon juice on, but that is totally unnecessary.
My other fabulous tip for today - when you cook scrambled eggs, if you salt them before you cook them, they will be tough. I don’t know if this is true or not and I can’t remember where I read it, but it seems reasonable, so I go with it, and my scrambled eggs seem pretty good (according to me!)

Scrambled Eggs with Salsa
Serves 1

1 small roma tomato, seeds removed, diced
½ small tin corn kernels, drained
½ avocado, skin removed, chopped
1 green onion/shallot/scallion, chopped
Squeeze lemon or lime juice
Salt and pepper

Mix all the ingredients together for the salsa. Serve with scrambled eggs! (You don’t really need a recipe for scrambled eggs, do you?!?!)

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