Monday, 19 November 2007


It's been all about the meat this weekend - and how good is that!
On Saturday night GKGK and I went out for dinner for our wedding anniversary (MIL stayed at our place and looked after the kids - woohooo!). We went to Kingsley's Steak House on King St in the city. Now before you get all just-another-steak-restaurant-so-what?, this is not some dodgy suburban steak house with peanuts on the floor and the standard range of chicken wings, ribs and steak with diane sauce. This is a decent restaurant which is all about the STEAK! Normally, I would go to a restaurant, scan the menu, and very often just go straight for the steak. But that was never happening here! One page of the menu covered entrees, sides and mains and the next page only covered STEAK! It actually made it really hard to choose because there were just so many excellent options!

We considered the 1kg t-bone, but after the chef held one up for us to check out the size, we decided maybe that was just a little bit too large! GKGK ended up with the Havericks Dry Aged 450g sirloin on bone and I went with the 350g Angus Rib-Eye. One word summed it all up - YUM!! We were so full from all that meat that we didn't even have dessert (until much later, but that's another story!)

We would both highly recommend Kingley's for people who like their meat, but if you like your 50g minute steak well done, this is probably not the place for you!

BUT WAIT! The meat weekend didn't end there! Last night I had 14 members of my family over for dinner. Nothing like an easy Sunday night! My brother W(h)ine is visiting from New York, and he is on a mission to eat as much lamb as possible while he is here. A few weeks ago I tried a slow-cooked lamb shoulder from Jamie Oliver's new book - Jamie at Home. It was tasty, and easy, and good for a crowd, so I decided it was perfect for W(h)ine's dinner. The very best bit is that it cooks for 4 hours! 4 hours? How can that be a good thing, I hear you ask. Well, all four of those hours require absolutely no attention from me! Once it's in the oven, it's all done! So at 2pm yesterday, I whacked it in then went shopping! So much for slaving in the kitchen! (Apparently, GKGK cooked dinner, because he was the one at home while the lamb was in the oven. Wow. All the makings of a celebrity chef there.)

The lamb is excellent. Because it has cooked for so long, the meat just falls off the bone. It is so tender it just melts! It is also cooked with 1 whole bulb of garlic per shoulder so there are lots of roasted caramelized garlic cloves to suck on. So good! The only fiddly bit is making the sauce at the end, but considering the rest of the benefits when you're feeding a crowd, I think I can cope with that.

So if any of you are coming here in the next little while in a big group, there's a good chance you'll find lamb shoulder on your plate!

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