Sunday, 9 December 2007

Bailey's Balls

Everyone has a recipe for these, but I forced my friend Princess to try this particular batch the other day and she DEMANDED the recipe! (she only wants it because its very very easy!) These little balls sometimes come under the guise of rumballs, or chocolate balls. I am not a fan of rum, so up until now I have made them with Frangelico (YUM!).

A few years ago I did a test batch which I divided up into 4 - one with Frangelico and rolled in chocolate sprinkles, one with Frangelico rolled in coconut, one with no alcohol in sprinkles, and one with no alcohol in coconut. The Frangelico with sprinkles was definitely the best - even GKGK agreed and he cannot stand the slightest taste of alcohol. The tiny bit that's in there just adds that little bit extra flavour.
Anyway, last year I saw some Baileys Balls at a farmers' market and of course I had to give them a go. They were great, but a ridiculous rip off for something you can make so easily at home. (Also, I'm not really sure how someone making Baileys Balls qualifies as a farmer!) So I made them last week, and they turned out perfectly. And as with a lot of my favourite recipes, they freeze beautifully so they are a great thing to make in advance for Christmas. You can whip them out with a flourish and exclaim how tired you are from making all these fresh and perfect sweets for your guests! There is only one small problem with this plan. Because they have alcohol in them, they don't freeze solid, and they don't really need to be defrosted. So if you happen to have a 3pm munchie attack, and you remember that you have some in the freezer, you can just quickly sneak a hand and grab one or seven, and quickly scoff them down without anyone being the wiser. Then when you go to the freezer at your Christmas party, all ready with your flourish, you may find that you have NONE!

Bailey's Balls

1 packet (250g) Arnott's Marie biscuits*
1 tin sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup dessicated coconut
4 tbs cocoa powder
1-2 tbs Baileys (or other liqueur of your choice)
1 packet chocolate sprinkles **

Blend the biscuits in a food processor. ***
In a bowl, mix the biscuits, milk, coconut, cocoa powder and Baileys until all ingredients are moistened.
Wet your hands, then roll the mixture into balls. (Whatever size you want. Personally, I don't think bigger is necessarily better).
Roll the balls in the sprinkles.
Refrigerate or freeze after taste testing several.

* This is not some subconscious promotion for my previous employer, but I think these are the best biscuits to use. I've tried arrowroots, morning coffee and malt, but I think these give a nice soft ball. My mum actually prefers to use Weet-bix. If that's the way you want to go, substitute the biscuits with 8 weet-bix. (My mum also adds 1 cup mixed dried fruit, which is good too)

** Beware, not all chocolate sprinkles are created equal. You need to get the thin ones in the packet, not the thick ones in the tube. The thick ones don't stick very well. HOWEVER, the thick ones in the tube also come in caramel. I have had previous success with a combination of the thin chocolate ones with some thick caramel ones thrown in for extra flavour.

***If the thought of getting a food processor out just for the sake of mushing one packet of biscuits, (with all that subsquent washing up) is just too much for you, you can put the biscuits in a plastic bag and beat them up with a rolling pin. I have done this before. It sounds like a good plan, but it's really not. You don't get a nice even crumb and it takes a lot longer than you think. I think its actually quicker with the machine. It's also infinitely more lazy which suits me just fine.


Peace said...

Loved your Baileys Balls when you made them Mrs Potato Head, but would be reluctant to eat them if I wasn't sure of the cooks handwashing practices.

Sheree said...

I have returned to this blog a few times to retrieve this recipe and thought I should say thanks.

I prefer mine rolled in coconut and I often omit the coco.

These are ALWAYS a hit with friends and family...if I make enough to share hehehehe.

bakecam said...

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