Thursday, 13 December 2007

Snowman Christmas Cake

I love Christmas. I get a little bit excited in the kitchen when Christmas comes around. I like to do a bit of cake decorating here and there - not too much though - I find it quite complicated and time consuming, which is difficult when you have 2 little tackers pulling at your pants all day long. This year I just did one cake for mum. She likes to have a fruit cake each Christmas, so she baked that, then gave me half to decorate. We both wanted something simple this year, so we went with this snowman theme. I love the colours - they're a bit different to the standard red and green and they go well with the whole winter/snowman theme. Perfect for an Australian summer Christmas!

You may recall the Noah's Ark cake I made for PorkChop's 1st birthday. The cake is sitting on a shelf in our dining room. I love it so much I just can't bring myself to cut it! The cake itself would be quite dodgy by now, but the animals are made from rolled icing so technically they should last forever. There is one small problem with this plan though, and that is Boof. Boof has inherited a double-batch of sugar craving from both his parents. This means that things like bright yellow tiger heads made from icing are perfectly acceptable breakfast foods. The other day, as I woke, he greeted me while chewing on something bright yellow. I couldn't work out what it was that he was eating, so I did a scan of the kitchen, the pantry, the office, the lounge room, and then the dining room. This was when I noticed that the Noah's Ark cake was now missing 2 tiger heads! I asked him where they were and he quite proudly said "in my mouth, in my tummy. You can't get them in my tummy". Lovely. So impressed. And he was absolutely revolting that day. Another small example of the power of artificial food colouring!

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