Friday, 7 December 2007

Totally Tasty Teeny Tiny Cinnamon Rolls

I just caught up with some friends and got bashed for not blogging enough - which is probably fair, but in my defence, the cranberry scone post was physically published after the meat post, but I mucked up the dates. So it actually hasn't been quite as long as you might think looking back over the dates.

Aah, but that's just all excuses. The real reason is that I am just slack!!! Consider this.... I like to think of myself as a decent home cook, someone who spends almost every waking minute thinking about food. However, when it came to Boof's upcoming Christmas party at pre-school, I was so slack, I volunteered to bring jelly beans. Yes, jelly beans. They put up a list of all the things they would like parents to supply - there were lots of fun things, like fairy bread and cupcakes, but slack old me chose jelly beans. So there you have it. No good excuses. Not even any creative excuses. Just plain old slackness!

HOWEVER, I do have an exceptional recipe for you to try! Of course, it's not MY recipe - I'm way too slack for that, but it is a good recipe! It's for "Totally Tasty Teeny Tiny Cinnamon Rolls" and it comes from Muffin at Ooh you tasty little things.... I made these for some friends the other day, and we ate them straight out of the oven! They were very very good! The girls and I made a serious dent in the batch, and GKGK has since polished off the entire remainder! Good food does not last long in this house. (That's PorkChop's chubby little hand trying desperately to reach the treasure!)

If you do decide to make them, a couple of things I did differently (of course, there had to be some)..I needed more flour in order to get a decent dough; I skipped adding almond or orange flavouring or colouring in either the filling or the icing; and I only used 2 cups of icing sugar. This made more than enough icing - the 4 cups suggested would be an insane amount! I also needed to add some water to the icing to get it liquid enough to drizzle.
It's a bit time consuming with all the waiting for rising, but they are well worth the effort!