Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Italian Pistachio Cookies

Well, I tried. I went all out and ground the pistachios myself, but the cookies did not even come close to the ones from Dolci Dolci. They did not even come close to my inital batch of almond ones. Oh well. It's just $4000 worth of pistachios.

Not really! But still, it was disappointing. I think there were a couple of problems. Firstly, I used my little mini blender thingy to grind the pistachios and I don't think it ground them fine enough. IF (and that's a very tentative if) I was to try the cookies again, I would have to lug out the big food processor or the blender to get a much finer pistachio meal. You could really see, taste and feel little bits of nut, which wasn't the case in the almond ones, and it's definitely not the texture I was aiming for.

Also, I was going to use half almond meal and half pistachio meal, but I forgot about that plan until I had made the mixture! As it turned out, I had to add some almond meal anyway, because the mixture was a lot moister than the almond one, but that was only about 25% of the pistachio meal.

Considering the signficance of these problems (these are nut-based biscuits, and I stuffed up the nuts!), I probaby should have known these wouldn't work out how I had hoped, so maybe I should try them again and actually apply enough effort and thought! There's also a similar recipe in the same book, so maybe I'll try that instead. If I get my act together, I'll let you know!

The very exciting thing about these cookies though is that they were the model for testing my new image software. Hope you like the picture! It looked nothing like that when I took it! Oh the joys of technology!

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