Sunday, 27 January 2008

Lovin' Bill

I have a confession to make. I'm having a secret affair with a man named Bill. Well, at least with his books. Is that weird?!!!? Of course not!

We had our next recipe from Bill Granger "Holiday" the other night. YUM again!!! I really expected to like this one because I like all the ingredients, but I was a bit surprised because GKGK really like it too, and even Boof scoffed it all down!

We had veal with balsamic vinegar, pine nut and currant sauce, and parmesan baked potato chips. I fully expected the potatoes would be good. Who wouldn't love crispy fried squares of potato covered in cheese? So that wasn't a big deal really. I may find myself making them every day from now, but still, it's not like its heart-stoppingly new and surprising.

The veal however, was quite a surprise. It was very easy to do, and the pine nuts and currants made it quite different, and very tasty. This recipe I didn't change at all, so I won't publish it here, but I will say this: GET THE BOOK!!! It's definitely worth the money.

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