Friday, 28 March 2008

White Sweet Potato Soup

I hate 6 and 7 recipes. Today has been a real 6 and 7 day. I tried 3 new recipes today, and each of them would only rate 6 or 7 out of 10. I hate that. They're the kind of recipes where you think .."it's good...maybe I would make it again...but I would have to change this...and that...." and then you think, maybe if I need to make that many changes, I probably should take the hint and not bother again at all. It's a bit frustrating when all 3 of today's recipes ended up that way.

The first was a soup recipe I have been eyeing off for a while. It sounded really interesting, with lots of ingredients I like. It was the winner in some kraft recipe competition I think. Anyway, I went with purple sweet potato - which is really just white sweet potato in disguise - and left out the chili. It all came together quite nicely, and I was pretty excited, until I tasted it! The combination of sweet potato and peanut butter resulted in this extra-sweet, extra smooth, quite un-savoury soup, which had a real fatty mouthfeel. Not really what I am looking for in a soup. So after a bit of stuffing around, I decided it needed ACID! So out came the white wine vinegar. That really helped, so a few more tablespoons went in, along with a really good dash of salt and pepper. It seemed quite good then, and I left it to cool while I went about my other cooking business.

I came back a little while later and the whole thing had, like, set or something. It was very strange. When I ran the spoon through it, it resembled the texture of jelly-like peanut butter. Again, not quite what I am looking for in a soup! So I reheated it, and added some extra water. Then I added some extra water. Then I added some extra water! I like my soups thick, but this was ridiculous! Eventually it seemed like a reasonable consistency, so I served it up for the photo. Originally the chives were just a decorative touch, but when I went to eat it, it really needed the chives. The oniony-ness of the chives helped cut through the smooth fatty texture.

So would I make it again? Really not sure. I would definitely use less peanut butter, - even after I changed the amount of sweet potato from 300g to 900g (without changing the peanut butter) it was definitely too peanut butter-ish. It is soup after all. I think it probably missed the chilli too, so maybe I would add some tabasco or something. I would also definitely include the white wine vinegar. Too many changes to make again? Probably. Let's just see if I get through the leftovers in the freezer and we'll go from there!

Do you like the photo though? I am trying to actually learn some stuff about food photography so I need to know if my photos are improving!

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fleur-de-lys said...

Well, even if the soup wasn't great, your photo turned out lovely! I'm finding food photography hard to get the hang of myself, looks like you've got it worked out :-)