Monday, 16 June 2008

BBQ Lamb Lump

Wow! Happy Birthday Chocolate Potatoes!! It certainly doesn't seem like it, but I have now been doing this blog for 1 year. Scary!

In order to celebrate this blog's birthday, we decided to get a new BBQ. Actually, that's not even remotely true! The last one started shooting flames out the front so it had to go! The new one is a schmick stainless steel number, and we got a bit excited and got the rotisserie and also a smoker box and some hickory chips. I think we've had a BBQ almost every day since we got it, and I have used it more often than GKGK. We've done all the usual stuff, which in this house is steak and then steak with a side of steak (with some sausages for the kidlets), which have all gone well, and I've also done some chicken pieces and even a whole snapper.

GKGK insisted we try a roast on the second night we had it, so we put half a leg of lamb on a rack, and I put together a mix for the basting/drip tray to go underneath it, with high hopes for some tasty gravy. We were quite unrealistic though, because we expected that the thermometer on the lid would actually be accurate. Outrageous! After about half an hour, I went to check on everything. The thermometer read 180ÂșC, and I was expecting some good looking, half-cooked dinner. Instead, I found a good load of CHARCOAL! I grabbed my oven thermometer to see what on earth was going on, and it appears that the temperature inside the BBQ is about 50-70 degrees higher than what the gauge on the lid says. Great.

So the veges were pretty much burnt and inedible, but the outer two thirds of the meat were pretty good. (The inside was totally raw!) A quick inspection of the dripping tray saw nothing but charcoal so the gravy came from a packet! Even so, we weren't totally disheartened by this, so the following weekend, we decided to take the plunge and go for the big rotisserie.

I went to the butcher to work out what lump of meat we should do, while GKGK put the rotisserie together. I came home, very proud owner of a 2kg leg of lamb that the butcher had tied so it would cook evenly, only to find that there was a piece missing from the rotisserie, so we had to go back to the BBQ shop to get it. I was starting to think that the oven was the only way to go for roasts. But GKGK finally fixed the rotisserie, we got the lamb going, and from there, everything went swimmingly!

My one complaint with GKGK’s bbqs in the past, is that he never bastes. Well, with the rotisserie, he has finally started, so now he calls himself “the master baster”!