Sunday, 15 June 2008

Passionfruit Slice

When we were on holidays a while ago, I went to a bakery, probably just to get some bread, but I was easily distracted by a fabulous looking passionfruit slice in the display. I asked them whether it was like a cheesecake, or like a custard and they actually told me it was condensed milk. I was so surprised. Firstly, because bakeries are pretty cagey about what's in their products - probably because it's just trans fat and processed sugar and they don't want you to realise just how bad it all is. Secondly, because if it was any good, the condensed milk would probably make it very easy to make. So I gave the slice a try and it was beautiful! (Condensed milk - of course it was!)

When I got home, I was straight to google to find a recipe! It would appear that there are quite a few passionfruit slice recipes using condensed milk, but this one looked the easiest. And it really is very very easy. The ratio of reward to effort here is massive! As you know, I am normally an advocate of using from-scratch ingredients, but the few times I have made this, I have been extra lazy and have used not only tinned passionfruit, but also bottled lemon juice. Oh the shame of it all! But who cares! It's great!