Thursday, 12 June 2008

People and Vehicle Cookies

What a slacker! It's been a month since I have posted. I'll churn out a couple over the next few days to keep you well fed.

The other day I was out shopping at Kids Central (cool toys! sale! woohoo!) looking for a present for Boof's upcoming birthday. In my wanderings I came across the playdough section. Normally I would walk straight past, because I really hate playdough. All that supervision and cleaning just drive me crazy. But for some strange reason, my eye was caught by a tub of cutters. Maybe I didn't actually realize it was the playdough section. All I saw was cutters and my skewed brain immediately thought... COOKIES!!! Now some of you may think I couldn't possibly need any more cookie cutters, but you could not possibly be more wrong. Everyone needs more cookie cutters. Anyway, these ones were special and different! And they were only $1.99 for 15 cutters! Well, not really, but anyway.
As you can see from the photos, the cutters leave an indent in the top of the cookie so you actually get some features. Most cutters I have seen just have the outline. It's very cool. Boof helped me make them, but I think he was more excited about eating large quantities of both dough and baked cookies. Shapes are irrelevant. JUST GIVE ME COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The people were interesting. The set has mum, dad, the kids and the grandparents. I think there is no mum in the photo because the facial features didn't stay in the cookies once I baked them. You have to roll the dough pretty thick in order to get some of the features and the mum ones were the hardest. (I just used the Wilton roll-out cookie dough recipe)
You could probably dress them up with icing - after all, the lines are already there for you to follow! I just left them plain though. I like the idea of having home made cookies hanging around to give to the boys, although they never really seem to hang around that long!

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david santos said...

Excellent Kookies!
I love it!
Happy day